Write for us

If you’d like to write for rs21, then please email rs21editorial@gmail.com to explain your idea and introduce yourself. If you already have a draft then you can send that too.

For a sense of the kinds of areas we publish on, take a look at the Themes tab. We’re interested in publishing all kinds of articles, so you can pitch us reports, analysis, arguments about strategy, response pieces, reviews and more.

Our revolutionary reflections series aims primarily to develop revolutionary socialist ideas and contribute to perspectives that can inform left politics today. We are looking to publish longer pieces that are written in a clear way, and we would especially like to encourage people who do not necessarily think of themselves as ‘writers’ to contribute. Read the introduction to the series to find out more about the kinds of subjects and perspectives we’re looking for, and take a look at the articles already published in the series.

The What a way to make a living series is for investigating the realities of different working-class jobs. You can write about your working life, how you feel about your work, and how you have thought about workplace organising. Read the introduction to the series and take a look at what we’ve published before. If you would be interested in contributing to the series, email the editorial team to start the conversation.

Please be aware that we do not pay writers, because rs21’s funding all comes from members and supporters.