We only want the earth: Anti-capitalism against the climate crisis

The world isn’t ending.
Cover of rs21 pamphlet 'We only want the earth: Anti-capitalism against the climate crisis' by Gus Woody
We are facing an ongoing struggle, not a single apocalypse. There may be tipping points and disasters in climate breakdown, but there is no end point on the horizon after which nobody will be left to suffer, or to fight. Instead, the consequences will be faced disproportionately by the working class and poor of the world, until the system is overthrown. So let’s get to work.

We all know that massive climate action is needed. But our movements often get bogged down in individual actions and the immediate steps in front of us. We need to think bigger.

To get anywhere close to winning, we need to recognise the capitalist drive to environmental destruction, build up both the environmental and working class movements and bring them together.

This pamphlet explores current debates around degrowth, the Green New Deal, direct action, just transition, imperialism, racism and Eurocentrism. It argues for prioritising issues and actions that build collective power as well as winning steps towards decarbonisation. Read the case for ecosocialist revolution and what that could look like.

Workers and oppressed peoples of the world unite!
We have a world to win.

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