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The dullness of work

A university admin worker writes about their job. My job is boring. I'm an admin worker at a popular university in Northeast England. I've done the same job for several years. There have been...

rs21 Political Weekend: What is revolutionary leadership?

Caliban's Revenge discusses a session at the rs21 political weekend on the question of the role of 'leadership'.

Participation, resistance and betrayal among car workers

Ray M reviews Militant Years, Alan Thornett’s political memoir of his life as a radical car plant worker in Oxford – and draws out some political warnings about ‘participation’ then and ‘partnership’ today.

Workers’ inquiries and the working class

Workers' inquiries could fill gaps in our knowledge, as well as being a political project in their own right

Some notes on the British working class

A major part of the grassroots activity of socialists who accept the centrality of workers self-organization must be to recapitulate – in new ways – basic ‘from the bottom up’ tactics.

On the Pop-Up Union at Sussex University

The Pop-up Union is a symptom of wider political radicalisation on campus.