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Stand with Gaza: Palestine solidarity reports round-up

rs21 members round up some Palestine solidarity events that happened over the last week.

Report from the Global Climate Jobs conference

Critical discussions on the role workers’ organising must play in the transition to a zero carbon economy.
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‘Troublemakers at Work’: Why trade unions need a militant rank-and-file

'Troublemakers' brought trade unionists and activists together to discuss the importance of a militant rank-and-file.
a large crowd of people at May Day rally, with different union banners

What is the potential for rank-and-file organisation today?

There is renewed interest in rank-and-file organisation, but confusion about what this means and what is possible.

Reflections on International Workers’ Memorial Day

To mark IWMD, the rs21 Art Group made a zine with Cut-Through Collective, which we distributed in Glasgow and London across the May Day weekend.

Intersectional organising wall-to-wall at Rutgers University

Tempest member Dana Cloud spoke to Rutgers professor and union leader Deepa Kumar about how the unions united faculty and graduate students across academic ranks in a strike that brought the administration to the bargaining...

ENDGAMES: Workers Can Win the Climate Struggle

How should environmentalists stand in solidarity with workers? How can workers better use their collective power to fight for climate action? Join rs21 on zoom for the latest in our online ecosocialist discussion events.

Climate Camp Scotland unites climate, migrant and workers’ struggles

Climate Camp Scotland saw hundreds of climate and community activists gather to discuss the practice and theory of fighting for climate justice.