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Aaron’s Sacrifice

'He talked about the genocide in Gaza and refusing to be complicit in it. He also spoke of the ruling class normalising the kind of death he was about to show us.'
cover of the book, and a man looking at WW1 death technology

Learning from the Second International: a review of Reform, Revolution and Opportunism

Mike Taber's new collection exposes fissures within the Second International.

Alchemy and imperial delusion: the ideological spell of nuclear power. Part 1

Brian Parkin explores why nuclear power remains so important for Britain's rulers, in the first part of a two-part article.
Graffiti is a flying bird in the colours of the Ukrainian flag

Inside the Ukrainian Resistance

Interview about the Ukrainian Resistance, the state of war, the dynamics of class struggle and popular consciousness, and the tasks of the international Left in building solidarity with Ukraine.
Crowd with placards. One has chess board and 'stop playing with our lives'. Another reads 'Stop the war your imperialist pigs'

Russia’s war and the West

Gareth Dale responds to an article by Tom Bramble exploring the reasons for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

NATO: the West’s war machine

rs21 member Andy Gammon argues that solidarity with Ukrainians means calling for an end to NATO.
Ukrainian soldiers train with javelin missile systems in Donbas. These are arms supplied to Ukraine by NATO.

On the invasion of Ukraine

A statement from the rs21 Steering Group on the inter-imperialist war currently being waged in Ukraine.

Afghanistan: the end of the occupation

The fall of Kabul marks a decisive defeat for American power around the world.

Review | Sinews of War and Trade

Mykola Macke reviews an important book which bring together the history of development in the region with the parallel evolution of world shipping routes as the life-blood of world capitalism.