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What it means to say Trump will govern like a fascist

Many Democrats argue that Trump is a fascist and demand that the Left subordinate everything to the call to resist him, but we have to organise against the rise of authoritarianism.

Israel’s air war on Gaza

Brian Parkin explains how Israel has built the fourth biggest air force in the world, and how it is able to drop the deadliest bombs and missiles on a defenceless civilian population.

Palestine 101: Israel is the watchdog of US imperialism

brian bean analyses US support for Israel and the geopolitical implications of the war on Gaza
Striking workers holding placards

Labor’s Upsurge and the Search for Workers’ Power

Five hundred thousand workers were on strike in the USA at some point in 2023. Kim Moody explores how the strikes have helped to build power and what to expect in the year to come.
Strikers at the UAW picket line

Let them eat steak: voices from a UAW picket line

Dana Cloud reports from a United Auto Workers picket line at a G.M. parts distribution center in Rancho Cucamonga, CA.

Is BRICS+ an Anti-Colonial Formation Worth Cheering From the Left? Far From It.

BRICS+ is not a new Non-Aligned Movement seeking to redistribute global wealth but an alliance of aspiring hegemons.
American and Chinese flags and USA dollars

Review | The New Cold War

The new imperialist world order is characterised by increasing military tensions between the world’s major powers, but also by economic competition.

Intersectional organising wall-to-wall at Rutgers University

Tempest member Dana Cloud spoke to Rutgers professor and union leader Deepa Kumar about how the unions united faculty and graduate students across academic ranks in a strike that brought the administration to the bargaining...

South Korea and inter-imperialist rivalries

Interview with a South Korean revolutionary socialist about the international situation in east Asia and the growing tensions between China and the USA.