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Mike Brown RIP Mural

Ferguson Latest: Mourning, Still Fighting

When a family invites the public to come share their grief at a funeral service for their young son, they're sending a message: We must not forget his murder.
Ferguson protest at London US embassy

London protesters stand in solidarity with Ferguson

At the London vigil those attending chanted "hands up, don't shoot", following Ferguson protesters.

Review: Strike for America

Tomorrow over a million public sector workers will go on strike. Amy Gilligan reviews Micah Uetricht's recent book Strike for America: Chicago Teachers Against Austerity which looks at how teachers in Chicago organised and...

Video: building community support for a strike

Jonathan Neale, an rs21 member, talks about how to build community support for a strike.

rs21 Political Weekend: Social Movements and United Fronts Today

Rebecca Short writes: Colin Barker and Sølvi Goard's workshop on Social Movements and United Fronts Today tackled arguments that are key for anyone organising on the left. As the room started to fill, a video...

The Kosovo War – 15 Years On

15 years ago today NATO forces began bombarding Serbia with high-tech bombs. For Blair and Clinton the Kosovo War was their 'humanitarian' intervention. However, as James B writes, the actuality of that conflict, and...

2013 in YouTube videos

Mark Bergfeld collects videos showing episodes of resistance from across the world in 2013.