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Yemen: ‘It’s not working: we’re going to keep doing it’

Jamie Allinson points out the contradictions of US and British policy towards Yemen.

Alchemy and imperial delusion: the ideological spell of nuclear power. Part 1

Brian Parkin explores why nuclear power remains so important for Britain's rulers, in the first part of a two-part article.
Taipei, capital of Taiwan

Pelosi, Taiwan and China

Pelosi visiting China raised tensions, so what did the US get out of it?
Crowd with Palestinian flags

Palestine solidarity and the future of the DSA – on the Bowman crisis

Arguments over Palestine solidarity have swept through the DSA in recent months – two American socialists explain the background.
Crowd with placards. One has chess board and 'stop playing with our lives'. Another reads 'Stop the war your imperialist pigs'

Russia’s war and the West

Gareth Dale responds to an article by Tom Bramble exploring the reasons for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine
Imperialism is a world system - photo of earth with colour filters

Russia’s invasion and world imperialism

Russia's invasion of Ukraine shows that we have to understand imperialism as a world system.
Photo shows placard reading 'shame on kellogs for using scabs' with a stencil of a rat

The Kellogg’s deal: not so grrrreat!

Joe Allen assesses the recent settlement of the eleven-week Kellogg's strike in the US.

Afghanistan: the end of the occupation

The fall of Kabul marks a decisive defeat for American power around the world.

The Good Lord Bird: John Brown’s militant abolitionism

Bill Crane looks at the life of militant US abolitionist John Brown and his portrayal in a recent TV adaptation of James McBride’s novel The Good Lord Bird.