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Strikes in the time of coronavirus

How can workers respond to the unfolding coronavirus crisis, without forfeiting our collective power?  A UCU member reflects. Originally published on Notes from Below.
Picket line conversation

Picket line conversations

A Unison member reflects on conversations on the picket-lines that offered a different vision about how universities could and should be run.

‘Courageous conversations’: students occupy SOAS library

This week students at SOAS occupied the library in opposition to cuts. Seth Uzman points to the wider education struggles they are part of.

We are working women and we make Glasgow

The strike that began today (Tuesday 23 October 2018) in Glasgow may be the biggest equal pay strike in UK history. Pete Cannell reports on Day One. Thanks to Christine, Mike and Eric for their contributions...

Agency cleaners score landmark victory over SOAS management

Outsourced cleaners at SOAS have scored a milestone win - and shown that precarious workers can fight and win
Durham TA's campaign logo

Durham Teaching Assistants – an inspiring struggle

Durham Teaching Assistants in UNISON are fighting against plans to cut their pay by 23% - plan backed up with a threat from the Labour Council to dismiss all 2700 of them and make...

Unison and UCU strike together in FE over fair pay

Jessica Redman, a Unison member at a college in London, reports from Wednesday's FE strike Wednesday 24 February saw Unison and UCU members in Further Education colleges across England strike together over pay for the first...

“£1 extra an hour for all” – UNISON and UCU national FE Strike

Tomorrow (24 February), for the first time in over a decade, UNISON and UCU in Further Education will be striking together for more pay. Mark, an FE lecturer in London discusses why they are...

SOAS is shut down in protest at union rep’s suspension, cuts and marketisation

Nilüfer Erdem and Will Searby report from SOAS where students and workers have shut down the campus in central London in response to management suspending Unison rep Sandy Nicoll and £6.5million of cuts.  Valerie Amos,...

Support John Burgess in Unison’s General Secretary election!

Charlie Hore discusses why rs21 members in Unison are supporting John Burgess in the upcoming Unison General Secretary election and the battles that the union faces.   This autumn Unison will hold an election for its...