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Who should be UCU’s next general secretary?

rs21 members in UCU discuss the candidates and offer their voting recommendations.

UCU dispute: members can win the marking and assessment boycott

As the UCU’s marking and assessment boycott gets underway, rs21 members in UCU underline the need for more rank-and-file initiatives and a commitment to genuine member-led democracy in the union. Even before the marking and...

Everyone to London on 15 March!

15 March will be the biggest day of action so far in the current strike wave - we urge everyone to join the London protests on that day.
A UCU picket line

UCU dispute at the crossroads

rs21 members in UCU analyse the current UCU dispute and consider the role of the UCU bureaucracy in recent weeks. In January, the future of the UCU dispute over pay, pensions and conditions was in...
Manchester rally

Half a million on strike – organise in your workplace to beat the Tories

A brilliant day - now escalate the strikes, build our unions at the grassroots.
UCU member on picket line

UCU dispute: escalate university strikes to win

rs21 members in UCU say indefinite strike is the most effective way to fight.
image of UCU protest in November 2019, pink banner reads 'Students + Workers'

Support the UCU strikes!

UCU workers are escalating industrial action in their disputes. Jaswinder Blackwell-Pal explains why this is a vital move and how to support.

Universities battles ahead – UCU Congress 2022

The University and College Union (UCU), which organises teachers, researchers and some support staff in further and higher education, held its annual congress earlier this month. Two rs21 members who were delegates report on the key debates.
Photo from UCU strike four fights rally in Manchester, banner in front reads 'End casualisation', behind that is a Manchester Metrolopitan UCU branch banner. Photo by Ian Allinson.

Lowering expectations: misrepresentations of McAlevey

Trade unionists have been inspired by McAlevey's work. But now sections of the union bureaucracy are co-opting her insights.
Photo of Birkbeck UCU members picket line during December 2021 UCU strikes.

The Difference is Striking in Higher Education

Thousands of UCU members took three days of strike action last week in a resumption of long-standing disputes with employers. Nick Cimini reports on what the other higher education trade unions are doing.