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Photo from UCU strike four fights rally in Manchester, banner in front reads 'End casualisation', behind that is a Manchester Metrolopitan UCU branch banner. Photo by Ian Allinson.

Lowering expectations: misrepresentations of McAlevey

Many trade union activists have been inspired and guided by McAlevey's books on strategy. But sections of the union bureaucracy are now co-opting her terminology to justify inaction and anti-democratic methods.

Striking union organizers raided by Russian security forces

Russian security forces raided the apartments of independent trade unionists in Moscow on Monday night in a direct attack on the organising of gig economy workers, writes an anonymous rs21 member.
Picket line rally of CHEP strikers - banners for Greater Manchester Area Trade Union Council, Bolton and District Trades Union Council, and a CHEP banner reading 'CHEP UK your offer is un'pallet'able - deliver fair pay now!'

Growing strike solidarity networks in Greater Manchester

Greater Manchester has been home to an unusual number of major strikes in the last couple of years. Local activists and rs21 members Ian Allinson and Derek Fraser discuss what we can learn from these and the development of solidarity networks around them.
Protesters in Dover against the mass sacking of P&O ferry workers

Seize the ships!

Ferry workers need mass support as they fight back against a vicious mass sacking
Rally of striking NEU members with the Girls Day School Trust (GDST) in Parliament square in February 2022.

Historic independent schools pension strike at the crossroads

Striking NEU members at 23 schools in the Girls' Day School Trust will decide this week whether to accept a deal or return to the pickets, Luigi Brindisi reports.
Image shows around 10-15 people at the front of a crowd raising their fists and holding up a purple cloth banner reading 'Cut Energy Bills'

Cost of living crisis – strike, mobilise, occupy!

After the first wave of protests, we must continue the fightback against the companies and institutions that have caused the crisis.
Photo shows a view of Croydon High School, one of the schools in the Girls Day School Trust (GDST) where NEU members have balloted in favour of strike action over pensions. Large bold text overlaid which says 'STRIKE STRIKE STRIKE'

Huge vote to strike for teachers’ pensions in the private sector

Teachers at 23 private schools in the Girls Day School Trust have voted massively in favour of strike action. NEU and rs21 member Luigi Brindisi reports.
Photo shows placard reading 'shame on kellogs for using scabs' with a stencil of a rat

The Kellogg’s deal: not so grrrreat!

Joe Allen assesses the recent settlement of the eleven-week Kellogg's strike in the US.
Photo of indian farmers protest march with text: 'How did the Indian farmers win? A public meeting hosted by Manchester rs21. 2pm Saturday 11 December in person & via zoom. Friends meeting house, 6 Mount st M2 5NS

How did the Indian farmers win?

In person and via zoom. Last week, in New Delhi the year long farmer's movement achieved victory, when prime minister Narendra Modi announced his government's decision to repeal the three controversial farm laws. In the...
Photo shows a view of Croydon High School, one of the schools in the Girls Day School Trust (GDST) which is currently balloting for strike action over pensions.

Private sector teachers fight back against fire & rehire

Over a thousand NEU members have voted to strike in an indicative ballot over an attack on pensions in 23 private schools.