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Repression and revolt in Catalonia

The Catalan revolt has revealed the flawed nature of the Spanish 1978 constitutional settlement, writes Paul Amby.
The landing at Al Huceima, 8 September 1925

Pétain, Franco and chemical warfare in the Rif

While Macron has been trying to rehabilitate Pétain as a WWI hero, the latter's role in a war against Africa’s first anti-colonial state is less well known.

After the elections, what next for Catalonia?

Andy Durgan outlines the political landscape following Catalonia's recent elections.

Video: Can Catalonia Survive?

On 16 November rs21 hosted in London a discussion of the movement for Catalan independence.

Catalonia: crisis puts the working class centre-stage

Seb Cooke argues that the level of ongoing mass struggle will determine the result of the current stand-off in Catalonia. ‘It was the red vision of the revolution, which, inevitably, would one day carry them...

Scottish solidarity with Catalunya

Pete Cannell of International Socialists Scotland (Scotland rs21) reports back from recent solidarity protests with Calatunya. On Sunday, as Catalunya voted on its independence in the face of Spanish state repression, Edinburgh saw its third solidarity...

Spanish state out to smash Catalan independence referendum

Andy Durgan writes from Catalonia On 1 October the people of Catalonia go to the polls to decide if their country will become an independent republic or not. The Spanish government insists that the referendum...

The contradictions of Corbynism

Support to mainstream parties of the left must be made tactically alongside work to organise a mass revolutionary party.

Letters from an anti-fascist fighter in Spain

Following the Battle of Cable Street, Scottish communist Jim 'Jock' McKissock travelled to Spain to fight against fascism 80 years ago.  He wrote letters to his comrades in back in London. They were passed by...

1936: revolution in Spain

Andy Durgan is author of The Spanish Civil War (Palgrave 2007) and Comunismo, revolución y movimiento obrero en Cataluña 1920-1936. Los orígenes del POUM (Laertes, 2016). In the latest of a series of articles...