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Fidelity to February: The People’s revolution

In days where revolution can seem more remote than ever, Dan Swain explores the height of the February revolution and reflects on its relevance to revolutionary politics today In 1917 Russia was a vast empire...
Tom Michaelson

The flight of the young eagles – art of the Russian revolution

Mike Thompson visits Revolution: Russian Art 1917-1932 at the Royal Academy and finds amazing art in an establishment exhibition. Photo: Tom Michaelson Artists under Russia's Tsarist regime operated in a contradictory society. They had access to the...

Uneven and Combined Development: Modernity, Modernism, Revolution (3): Cartographies And Chronologies

In the third of his five pieces on Uneven but Combined Development, Neil Davidson looks at the application of the theory to England, Scotland, Germany and Japan before looking the Soviet transition to state capitalism.

1936: revolution in Spain

Andy Durgan is author of The Spanish Civil War (Palgrave 2007) and Comunismo, revolución y movimiento obrero en Cataluña 1920-1936. Los orígenes del POUM (Laertes, 2016). In the latest of a series of articles...

Homage to Catalonia: the working class in the saddle

In a series of articles marking the anniversary of General Franco's military coup against the Republican government of Spain Colin Revolting revisits George Orwell's masterpiece of revolutionary reportage.

Ten Days That Shook The World

In celebration of the 98th anniversary of the Russian Revolution we are publishing this short extract from John Reed's brilliant eye witness account, Ten Days That Shook The World. Reed was a socialist journalist...