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Stand with Gaza: Palestine solidarity reports round-up

rs21 members round up some Palestine solidarity events that happened over the last week.

From the Six-Day War to the 100-day bombardment

An excerpt from rs21's new edition of the history of the Zionist occupation.

‘We won’t stop until they stop!’: Organising for Palestine in Greenwich

A Greenwich Palestine Action member on how they have been organising locally to call for a ceasefire in Gaza.

End the siege of Gaza! Victory to the Intifada!

Demonstrate this weekend and demand an end to the siege of Gaza.

Earthquake in Morocco: neoliberal failure and popular solidarity

A solidarity statement written by Moroccan socialists after the earthquake of early September 2023
comrades hold a banner reading Scotland out of Britain, Britain out of Ireland.

Report from the Fourth International’s Revolutionary Youth Camp

"Youth education in politics should not be based on receiving lectures by old men."
a large crowd stand outside the court with a banner reading Stop Deportations

The Brook House Three trial: a major victory for anti-deportation activists

Jury sees justice in their activism: Lisa Leak reports on the trial.
Image shows protesters walking through Rusholme in Manchester holding a large sculpture of Palestine painted in the colours of the Palestinian flag.

Nakba 75: solidarity and resistance until Palestine is free

John Nicholson reports on the Nakba 75 demonstration and march on 14 May 2023 in Manchester, providing some background on why the day is so important to mark.

Solidarity with the popular movement in Sudan

rs21 stands in unconditional solidarity with the popular movement in Sudan. The revolutionary process continues to be endangered by open conflict between factions within the military junta, now in its fourth week. We...
a crowd of mixed ages waves Palestinian flags outside court. Banners in red, green and black writing say 'Drop the charges Not the bombs', 'End Israeli apartheid'.

Elbit is losing – support the Palestine Action protesters facing trial

Palestine Action confronted Elbit's making weapons for Israel. Now we need to show solidarity with Palestince Action activists in court.