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Global crises and global revolts

Shireen Akram-Boshar on multiple global crises and revolts, signalling rising popular rage against the neoliberal capitalist order

Base rate rises, housing crises?

'We need to fight back together and find solidarity across lines that have previously been staged as battle lines.'
crowds march in London with a big heart shaped NEU balloon

NEU annual conference

Pay strikes, support staff, Ofsted, and Prevent: rs21 members cover the key debates.
LGBT+ activists block out transphobic bigots

Gender Recognition Reform in Scotland

The de-medicalisation of Gender Recognition in Scotland appeared to have majority political support, but as rs21 members Graham Checkley and Leslie Cunningham describe it has revealed a vein of transphobia.
Trans+ Pride, London, 2020

Fighting the US right and its anti-trans crusade

The US right has proposed over 200 bills attacking trans people. Why are they so obsessed? How can trans people and the left fight back?

The actuality of the revolution: exploitation and oppressions

In this extract from Revolutionary Rehearsals in the Neoliberal Age, Neil Davidson suggests ways to draw struggles against oppression and exploitation together.
Image shows a red-filtered photo of a laundrette, empty except for one woman in the background.

The double shift: talking childcare and gender in the pandemic

As many nations re-enter lockdown, Kate Bradley interviews two rs21 members on their experiences with childcare, work and gender during Covid lockdowns.

Capitalism, debt and feminism

Kate Bradley reviews A Feminist Reading of Debt, finding an insightful account of the relationship between debt, gender, and capitalism, as well as examples of how to fight back against debt.
Cover image of Revolutionary Rehearsals

Extracts from Revolutionary Rehearsals in the Neoliberal Age

On the possibility of socialist revolution and the tragedy of the Egyptian revolution.
Image shows four protesters outside Mencap protesting for justice for careworkers in March 2021. Photo credit: Care and Support Workers Organise.

What a way to make a living | Working in care for 16 years

In the latest instalment of our What a Way to Make a Living series, rs21 member discusses their experience of working in care and how wider changes to the care sector have affected the pay, conditions and experience of care workers over time.