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Video: Old jumpers – New politics?

What does Jeremy Corbyn's leadership of the Labour Party mean for the wider movement?

3 ways to build the social movement in Britain after Corbyn’s victory

Jonny Jones discusses how Jeremy and his supporters, whether they are inside or outside the Labour Party, could help to build a social movement that can challenge the Tories and point towards serious social transformation. Jeremy...

Questions to think with

Annie Teriba asks 4 questions about Jeremy Corbyn's campaign. This is an open invitation to help think through what it means. 1. How does the changing nature of struggles jar with the narrative coming from...

The limits and opportunities of the Corbyn campaign

Corbyn deserves our support, but we must recognise the Labour Party for what it is and build an autonomous social movement. This means supporting him as the Left and from the Left and accepting that social struggle is the basis of political change.

‘Shoot As Well As Cook’: the Black Panther Party, sexism and the struggle today

We need to remember the contributions of black women to past struggles if we're to take forward the fight for justice today, writes Shanice McBean.

The spectre of social unrest is haunting Putin’s Russia

The Russian economy is in serious trouble. Gabriel Levy analyses the roots of the problem and what this means for ordinary Russians, Ukrainians, and the rest of us. This article was originally posted on...

Scotland – the Yes campaign as a social movement

In the second part of his analysis of Scottish politics after the referendum, Scottish historian and activist Neil Davidson examines the Yes campaign.

‘Disobedient Objects’ for a ‘Multitude of Struggles’

Amy Gilligan reviews 'Disobedient Objects', on until 1 Feb, and 'A World to Win: Posters of Protest and Revolution' on until 2nd Nov, exhibitions at the V&A Museum, London . Both are free to...

rs21 Political Weekend: Social Movements and United Fronts Today

Rebecca Short writes: Colin Barker and Sølvi Goard's workshop on Social Movements and United Fronts Today tackled arguments that are key for anyone organising on the left. As the room started to fill, a video...