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Review: The Twittering Machine

Mark Murphy reviews Richard Seymour's latest book, which uses a psychoanalytical framework to understand the phenomenon of social media.

Labour and the left after #jezwecan: An interview with Ben Sellers

Ben Sellers is a member of Red Labour and was one of the organisers of the social media team that underpinned Jeremy Corbyn's successful campaign for the leadership of the Labour Party. rs21: You've written...

The Premier League’s crackdown on social media is about policing access to football

The corporate interests that run football are trying to stamp out social media and illegal livestreaming. But this will come with a higher price than they realise, writes Mark Bergfeld Who doesn't remember Robin van...

#Ferguson: protests, policing, propaganda

Aamna Mohdin takes a look at the role played by web publications and social media in challenging the official narrative around the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.

Some thoughts on social media and organisation

Revolutionary socialists need to deepen their understanding of social media and how these technologies relate to problems of organisation, argues Mark Bergfeld.