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Malevich: new art for a new world

Lois JC (Brixton) reviews the Tate Modern's new show Malevich: Revolutionary of Russian Art at the Tate Modern is the first retrospective of the Russian avant garde artist Kazimir Malevich (1879-1935) in 25 years. The exhibition illustrates,...

Ukraine: between East and West

As the conflict between government forces and pro-Russian militias continues in the East of Ukraine, it is tempting to accept that ethnic and linguistic divisions between Eastern and Western Ukraine are behind the unrest, or that the conflict...

May Day around the world

With photographs and short reports on demonstrations for International Workers' Day from Moscow to La Paz. Ben (Moscow): There were about 150 people on this march. There were multiple marches: the Ukraine crisis has fragmented...

Ukraine: four points in response to Chris Nineham

Acknowledging Russia's imperialism has consequences for our understanding of national liberation movements.

Moscow anti-war march says no to Russian imperialism

We should not forget the ordinary people of Ukraine and Russia who will pay the price for any conflict.

Ukraine on the brink of default – a shock doctrine in the making

In the middle of this battle between geopolitical superpowers are the interests of ordinary Ukrainians, which are unlikely to be served by either Russia or the West.

Ukraine: “We cannot hand the movement over to the right.”

Ilya Budraitskis, the Moscow-based socialist, was interviewed by marx21.de magazine earlier this month about the protests in Ukraine.

Hypocrisy, homophobia and the neoliberal ruling class

As the Sochi Olympics began, many politicians and multinationals have statements supporting LGBT rights and condemning Russia’s homophobic government, but there are doubts about these new friends of equality.

Russians march against fascism and homophobia

Pictures by Ben Neal Ben Neal reports on a loud and angry protest Last Sunday a thousand people gathered in Moscow for the annual march against fascism and political repression. Contingents of socialists, anarchists, LGBT activists,...