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Building Red Vienna

Danny Bee celebrates Red Vienna, when workers' land occupations led to a left-wing city council developing a new vision for public housing and working-class communities.
A picture of Keir Starmer at the World Economic Forum.

Will Starmer’s Labour be better than the Tories?

Pat Stack discusses Starmer's attacks on Corbyn and his legacy, and the question of what attitude socialists should take to the Labour Party's rightward lurch and a potential Starmer government.
image of a single story red brick building, with a banner hanging that says 'Homes for People, Not for Profit'.

Landlords need us; we don’t need landlords

Kate Bradley and Charlotte Powell look at what underlies Tory rent reforms, and assess how the housing movement can respond.
Jeremy Corbyn and Keir Starmer. Keywords: antisemitism anti-semitism Labour Party racist racism

Labour: socialists and witch-hunters

Ian Allinson and Rachel Eborall take up the issue of Starmer’s purges in the Labour Party and respond to Conti and Woody’s claim that the party represents the progressive petty bourgeoisie.

Starmer’s purges and the problem with Labour

Finlay Conti and Gus Woody look at the Labour Party's history to understand the meaning of Starmer's purge, what it tells us about Labour's inability to represent the working class, and how Marxists go forward from here.
Siedlung Riedhof West

Revolutionary Reflections | New Frankfurt and the Housing Question

1920s Frankfurt, in the wake of the 1918 German Revolution, established integrated housing, healthcare and education that is still impressive today.
Keir Starmer and Jeremy Corbyn. Keywords: Starmer Corbyn antisemitism anti-Semitism EHRC report suspended suspension

Stop playing Starmer’s game

To defeat the right-wing politics that Keir Starmer exemplifies, socialists need to take their fight outside of Labour's rigged internal structures.

If not Corbyn, then what?

Barnaby Raine offers a viewpoint on left-wing Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Moving the centre: The Marxist squatters and the populist mayor

Joe Hayns interviews the organisers of a 'House of the People' who are facing similar questions in Naples.
women-only political events

3 perspectives on rs21’s A Day Without Men

The day of discussion included sessions on Corbyn and ‘Corbynomics’, social reproduction and struggles for healthcare and housing, and repression and resistance in Catalonia.