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Resisting the Strikes (Minimum Service Levels) Act

Ian Allinson discusses the ways workers can resist the government's latest repressive anti-union legislation.

Without organisation, we have nothing: building a rank and file organisation in schools

After a momentous year of workplace struggles, rs21 teachers discuss the need for ongoing rank and file organisation across schools

How can workers stop the genocide?

An rs21 arms worker on how the Palestine solidarity movement could stop the flow of weapons to Israel.
Troublemakers logo

‘Troublemakers at Work’: Why trade unions need a militant rank-and-file

'Troublemakers' brought trade unionists and activists together to discuss the importance of a militant rank-and-file.

School strikes: results and prospects

The tragedy of ending the dispute now is squandering the momentum and resolve we have built.
a large crowd of people at May Day rally, with different union banners

What is the potential for rank-and-file organisation today?

There is renewed interest in rank-and-file organisation, but confusion about what this means and what is possible.

UCU dispute: members can win the marking and assessment boycott

As the UCU’s marking and assessment boycott gets underway, rs21 members in UCU underline the need for more rank-and-file initiatives and a commitment to genuine member-led democracy in the union. Even before the marking and...
A UCU picket line

UCU dispute at the crossroads

rs21 members in UCU analyse the current UCU dispute and consider the role of the UCU bureaucracy in recent weeks. In January, the future of the UCU dispute over pay, pensions and conditions was in...
image of UCU protest in November 2019, pink banner reads 'Students + Workers'

Support the UCU strikes!

UCU workers are escalating industrial action in their disputes. Jaswinder Blackwell-Pal explains why this is a vital move and how to support.

Yet more anti-strike laws

As Britain’s strike wave continues to grow, Ian Allinson argues for a more serious response to the Tories’ latest repressive legislation.