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Stand with Gaza: Palestine solidarity reports round-up

rs21 members round up some Palestine solidarity events that happened over the last week.

Palestine solidarity protesters face down police repression in London

rs21 members refute claims of "clashes" between police and protesters on Saturday's Free Palestine Coalition march.

More protests for Palestine

rs21 rounds up some of the many Palestine solidarity demonstrations that took place last weekend to call for an end to the siege of Gaza

Protests for Palestine

Protests in solidarity with Palestine swept Britain yesterday. rs21 members report.
Protesters shout and point angrily.

‘Our Bodies, Our Lives’: Hundreds protest against anti-abortion demonstration in London

rs21 member Colin Wilson reports from ‘Our Bodies, Our Lives’,  the counter-protest to this weekend's anti-abortion march in central London.

London Trans+ Pride shows that pride is a protest

On 8 July, rs21 members marched as part of a trade union bloc at London Trans+ Pride. Events like this remind us of our collective power and determination.

Palestine solidarity, the anti-BDS bill and the security state

Legal attacks on Palestine solidarity are part of a wider clampdown on protests and strikes.
people dressed as blackbirds on the street

Extinction Rebellion at a crossroads

XR changed tactics for the Big One. Gus Woody comments on the protest and next moves.
the cover of David Camfield's book 'Future on Fire', with a lowlit forest at sunset in the background.

Review | Future on Fire: mass movements in the climate crisis

What movement do we need? Taisie Tsikas reviews David Camfield's new book on climate tactics.
Image shows five Indonesian protesters holding signs including 'Tolak RKUHP' - "resist the criminal code". It is a mix of men and women and their faces are masked.

The state strikes again: the new Indonesian criminal code

Frans Ari Prasetyo explains the new repressive criminal code that has just been passed in Indonesia - and outlines the resistance it faces.