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A photo of the occupation of the British Museum by BP or not BP

Activists occupy the British Museum

This weekend, climate and anti-colonial activists occupied the British Museum in opposition to its oil sponsorships.
No to war in Ukraine - Stop the War coalition

No to War in Ukraine: Find your local meeting or protest

Millions of Ukrainians are caught in a Russian invasion as part of an inter-imperialist conflict. While civilians are dying and being forced to flee their homes, it is vital to protest and organise for peace. Go to the stop the war page for information on your local protest or political meeting.
Image shows around 10-15 people at the front of a crowd raising their fists and holding up a purple cloth banner reading 'Cut Energy Bills'

Cost of living crisis – strike, mobilise, occupy!

After the first wave of protests, we must continue the fightback against the companies and institutions that have caused the crisis.
Photo of indian farmers protest march with text: 'How did the Indian farmers win? A public meeting hosted by Manchester rs21. 2pm Saturday 11 December in person & via zoom. Friends meeting house, 6 Mount st M2 5NS

How did the Indian farmers win?

In person and via zoom. Last week, in New Delhi the year long farmer's movement achieved victory, when prime minister Narendra Modi announced his government's decision to repeal the three controversial farm laws. In the...
Banner reads: Workers of the world, unite! #System Change Not Climate Change

Climate protesters hit the streets across Britain

Reports from climate protests around Britain as part of the global day of action around COP26
Protestors in support of Paul Holmes. Banner reads 'We stand with Paul'

An injury to Paul is an injury to us all

Sam O'Brien reports from a solidarity protest for UNISON President Paul Holmes.
Manchester protest in solidarity with Elbit protesters and against the use of British-made weapons in the occupation of Palestine

Palestine campaigning escalates in Greater Manchester

Kate Bradley reports on recent Palestine campaigning in Greater Manchester, where campaigners defeated the University of Manchester over censorship and occupied the Elbit arms factory in Oldham.

Kill The Bill: the day of action

rs21 members took part in a social media campaign as part of the #KillTheBill day of action against the new Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill on Saturday 21 August 2021,
Colombian police officers. Keywords: Colombia police violence

Review | Revolutionary Rehearsals in the Neoliberal Age

Andy N reviews Revolutionary Rehearsals in the Neoliberal Age, a new collection discussing political upheavals since 1989. He finds a wide ranging and insightful work, which will deepen both the theory and practice of...
Crowd on protest applauding

Germany’s Namibia Genocide Apology: the limits of decolonising the past

What are possible international ramifications of the Namibian-German agreement?