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Palestine solidarity protesters face down police repression in London

rs21 members refute claims of "clashes" between police and protesters on Saturday's Free Palestine Coalition march.

Review | White Riot

Novel celebrating anti-racist and anti-fascist struggles

Palestine solidarity, the anti-BDS bill and the security state

Legal attacks on Palestine solidarity are part of a wider clampdown on protests and strikes.
a large crowd stand outside the court with a banner reading Stop Deportations

The Brook House Three trial: a major victory for anti-deportation activists

Jury sees justice in their activism: Lisa Leak reports on the trial.

Voter suppression and protest repression: the Tories’ attack on democracy

The government is swiftly and systematically destroying the rights on which ordinary people rely: to vote, to protest, to strike.

Behind the Cardiff riot: a community failed by police and politicians

Following the tragic death of two young people in Ely on Monday and the riot that followed, the police’s version of events has unravelled. But, as Ann Marie Zogina reports, the area in west...
United Family and Friends march, October 2022

Abolition Revolution: a vital step into the future

We need to get rid of police and prisons entirely.
Man carries placard with slogan Police everywhere Justice nowhere

24 reasons to abolish the Met Police

Violent, racist, repressive: why we need to scrap the Met
activists mill around barricades and other access-prevention materials, while in the distance there are lines of police, police vans and cranes.

Lützerath: solidarity with climate activists under attack

Climate activists fight to stop the destruction of a German village and the expansion of German coal.