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Strikers and supporters in the Royal Parks industrial dispute hold banners and flags representing the unions UVW and PCS, and a large banner that reads 'Art workers support UVW & PCS'

Outsourced Staff take strike action at the Royal Parks

Picketing Royal Parks staff are part of an industrial struggle backed by two trade unions, Tom Schofield reports.
Banner Theatre with Chicago teachers after a performance of "Chicago: The Great Teachers' Strike" at Manchester May Day 2016

Chicago teachers join Manchester’s biggest May Day for years

Tara Stamps and Matt Luskin from the Chicago Teachers' Union joined Manchester's biggest International Workers' Day festival for years. Ian Allinson reports. Manchester TUC had organised a huge festival for May Day this year. Despite...

Video: Naomi Klein and Jeremy Corbyn call for climate jobs

Last night in Paris Jeremy Corbyn and Naomi Klein spoke to 800 people about trade unions and climate change, writes Jonathan Neale.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NwkB0ofzGEY For me, the best moment was when Jeremy started his speech by...
Candy Udwin addresses strikers through a megaphone

National Gallery strikers continue fighting privatisation and attack on their union rep

National Gallery staff have taken further strike action to stop privatisation and win the reinstatement of sacked union rep Candy Udwin, and are celebrating a legal victory. The National Gallery campaign gained a victory yesterday, Wednesday 10...
Candy Udwin

National Gallery sacks union rep as fight against privatisation continues

Management at the National Gallery have sacked a union rep who has played a leading role in fighting privatisation – but that fight continues, with strike action and a demo in the...

Public sector strikes: a guide to who’s on strike when and why

Next week will see groups of workers from across the public sector taking industrial action in defence of pay and services. The week will culminate with trade union demonstrations in London and Glasgow on...

Report: PCS Strikes in second day

Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS) members at Revenue and Customs (HMRC) continued their rolling action.