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‘As cold as charity’: repression and the ‘speculator state’

The government's right-wing reform of public services continues apace – and NGOs and charities are being used as cover.

Refugees – remember them?

Mitch Mitchell writes on Refugee Lifeboat, a new organisation that aims to marry humanitarian aid for refugees with an uncompromising political stand against state racism
Sad child

Kids Company – the politics of charity

David Cameron praised Kids Company as part of his "big society". After the organisation's collapse last week, Richard Belbin asks what attitude the left should take to charities. The closure of Kids Company has been met...

Not ‘crazy’ as in wacky, but ‘mad’ as in ‘fuck this’

A Marxist analysis of the mental ill health epidemic has to lay the blame squarely at the door of class society, and the alienation, injustice and misery it causes.

Housing charity workers strike for a week to defend their services

Unite members at the housing charity St Mungo's Broadway will be taking seven full days of strike action beginning at 8am Friday morning. Unite Convenor Adam Lambert explains why. We are taking action due to...

Scarlett, Soda Stream and shifting sands

The crisis over Soda Stream has been picked up by media across the world, with more people now aware of their illegal activities and about the BDS campaign in general.