Bassem Chit, 1979–2014

Miriyam Aouragh pays tribute to a Lebanese socialist whose principles, knowledge and humour touched the lives of many. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0wi-n6ji0PA Bassem Chit is no more, and with that the radical left, and the Arab left in particular, has...

Egypt: from revolution to repression

Anne Alexander, from the MENA Solidarity Network, is the co-author, with Mostafa Bassiouny, of the forthcoming book Bread, Freedom, Social Justice. She spoke to Amy Gilligan about workers' movements and revolution in Egypt. Originally published...

The bombs won’t work: they’ll make things worse.

Hanif Leylabi writes on why we should oppose the latest British military adventure in Iraq

Terrorism with British characteristics

The government and mainstream media are up in arms about returning Islamic State fighters. But what of the British mercenaries fighting in the region? Peter Hill examines a double standard with troubling implications. The government...

The changing face of imperialism

Ukraine and Syria have put imperialism back at the top of the political agenda. Rob Owen traces the theory of imperialism and charts the trajectory of US imperialism in recent years. This article was first...

New fault lines in the Middle East: ISIS in a regional context

As the calls for more direct intervention in Iraq grow and the US drops their first bombs, Andy Cunningham looks at what the rise of the Islamic State means for the wider Middle East. Following...

Moroccan activists renegotiate power: a new stage in a forgotten uprising

Miriyam Aouragh reports from Morocco, where she is currently on fieldwork. She researches the role of new media in the (counter) revolutionary movements in Syria and Morocco.

BDS is about justice, not antisemitism

Israel creates myths in order to perpetuate the occupation. The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement can help bring about the end of the apartheid regime.

Syria: March 2011 – March 2014 – Solidarity is essential

Jacques Babel and Joseph Daher report on the campaigns to mark the third anniversary of the start of the Syrian revolution, both within and outside Syria.

Egyptian socialists sentenced to two years in jail

Two leading activists with the Revolutionary Socialists in Alexandria, Egypt have been sentenced for defying anti-protest laws.