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How should socialists think about political tradition?

"Our task isn’t to guard a faith, a static tradition."
cover of the book, and a man looking at WW1 death technology

Learning from the Second International: a review of Reform, Revolution and Opportunism

Mike Taber's new collection exposes fissures within the Second International.
Image is a close-up of a crowd holding a variety of union flags including PCS and RMT, with placards saying "Protect our right to strike" and "Defend the Right to Strike". The people in the shot apear diverse in age, gender and race. In the centre of the shot, a person in a yellow shirt with the word 'RESIST' on it raises their left fist.

‘Lack and longing’: an interview with Satnam Virdee and Brendan McGeever

Satnam Virdee and Brendan McGeever answer questions about race, nation, working class struggle and the breakdown of Britain’s democratic settlement.
Image of the Eiffel tower next to the Marx in Paris book cover

The Marx family visits the Commune

Leslie Cunningham reviews a new piece of political fiction, imagining Karl and Jenny Marx visiting the Paris Commune. Marx in Paris provides a great introduction to both the Commune and its political significance for...

Review: Who the hell is… Karl Marx?

Manus McGrogan's new introduction to Marx and Marxism combines theory with a vision of a world free of exploitation and oppression.

Video: Capitalism is the virus

Video: Brendan Montague looks at how capitalism, colonialism, ecological devastation co-evolved and at what we can do to cure our societies and our planet.

revolutionary reflections | Which side are you on? Work, class and the 99%

Confusion is rife about what we mean by working class or middle class. Bob Carter argues that a focus on exploitative workplace relationships is far more illuminating than arbitrary hierarchies of inequality.

Extinction, climate change and Karl Marx

Marx can help us understand why the choice really is system change or climate change, argues Brendan Montague. 

Climate, insurgency and Marxism at Endgames? Capitalism and the climate emergency

How is climate crisis re-shaping Marxism and insurgent movements across the world?

Review: Fully Automated Luxury Communism

Colin Wilson reviews Aaron Bastani's much-anticipated account of the potential for a future society of equality and abundance.