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Anti-fascists marching through Manchester

EDL outnumbered by anti-fascists in Manchester

About 200 to 300 supporters of the racist English Defence League (EDL) were bussed in to Manchester's Albert Square today (Saturday). They held a rally inside a police kettle. Meanwhile around 500 anti-fascists gathered in Piccadilly Gardens for a...

Student day of action sees protests, occupations and police violence

In December 2014, a day of action for free education saw students on up to 40 campuses take part in protests, stunts and occupations.

Boycott Kedem: how Palestine activists are taking on an Israeli firm in Manchester

Gez Butterworth from Manchester Palestine Action reports how a campaign to shut down a city centre cosmetics shop has helped build a wider solidarity movement. Kedem Cosmetics is a franchise based on King Street in...

Manchester protest occupies high street shops for Palestine

Around 200 people took part in protests in support of Palestine on Saturday in the centre of Manchester. Protesters gathered despite torrential pouring rain. After speeches and music, they marched down Market Street, the main shopping street in central...

Manchester antifascists celebrate BNP defeat

Around 60 demonstrators from Unite Against Fascism gathered outside the Euro election count at Manchester Town Hall

What does it mean to be a revolutionary socialist in the 21st century?

Amy Gilligan and Jonas Liston introduce and reply to a discussion on "What does it mean to be a revolutionary socialist in the 21st century?" for Manchester rs21 on 15 March 2014.