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Not doing a Jay-Z

Jonas Liston is delighted by Jeremy Corbyn's victory. But he's not going to join the Labour Party. Whilst on the one hand today, I became the dickhead working on a roof in this ghastly torrential...

Corbynmania comes to Cardiff

#Jezwecan - but only if we fight! Know-it-all lefty Seb Cooke checks out Corbynmania and looks to the battle ahead.

Understanding the Corbyn campaign: an interview with Max Shanly

Jeremy Corbyn's campaign for Labour leader is in full swing. Max Shanly is a member of Young Labour's National Committee. We interviewed him about his hopes and expectations for the campaign. Max spoke to...
Labour leadership contenders

Labour leadership: continuing Blair’s poisonous legacy

The leadership election seems certain to take Labour even further to the right. Mitch Mitchell doesn't try to hide his contempt for the whole process. 
TV screen with opinion poll

Notes from the new world of Scottish politics

Neil Davidson analyses the historic election results in Scotland. If the SNP is to face an opposition from the left, rather the racist right, then unity of both purpose and organisation will be required.

Labour – what are they good for?

Amy Gilligan asks what it means for people to support Labour today and what is happening to this support? This article was originally published in the Spring 2015 issue of the rs21 magazine One of...

Tony Benn (1925–2014)

Ian Birchall looks back at the life of a genuine socialist who fought to the end: Tony Benn, who died today.

Unite halves affiliation to Labour

The move is a sign of the discontent within the unions caused by Labour's failure to stand up for workers and a reaction to the attacks on the union links by the Labour leadership.

Fast Food Rights meets to plan 15 February day of action

Fast Food Rights has been launched by left-wing Labour MP John McDonnell, alongside the BFAWU bakers union and Unite the Resistance.