Tag: Italy

Moving the centre: The Marxist squatters and the populist mayor

Joe Hayns interviews the organisers of a 'House of the People' who are facing similar questions in Naples.

Convergence on the right

Sometimes distinctions between conservatives, right-wing populists and fascists are easy to make. But increasingly often, argues Dave Renton, there is some overlap – and we have to understand today's right wing on...

The Legacy of Antonio Gramsci

Key ideas and theories need revaluing and upgrading for our times. Gian Luigi Deiana  from the Casa Gramsci institute discusses the life and legacy of Antonio Gramsci and the question of popular sovereignty today.

Cable Street and its aftermath

This week sees the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Cable Street in London. Gary McNally argues against a recent trend among historians to dismiss the antifascist demonstration as counterproductive.