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Global crises and global revolts

Shireen Akram-Boshar on multiple global crises and revolts, signalling rising popular rage against the neoliberal capitalist order

Popular protest and labour insurgency in Iran

A Tehran-based activist assesses the movement, and the under-reported role of workers’ struggles in the wider street mobilisations.
Norfolk NEU UCU PCS RMT ASLEF strike protest march in Norwich. Signs call for more funding for teachers, held by women, smiling, at a march.

#IWD2023: women fight across the globe

On International Women's Day, rs21 members share 13 inspiring examples of women fighting for liberation and against capitalism and state repression.

January 2023’s week of resistance

Photographs celebrating the wave of protests and industrial action that swept Britain last week.

Three months of rebellion in Iran

After three months of rebellion in Iran, an Iranian socialist asks how it can win.
Image shows a placard against blue sky reading Jin, Jiyan, Azadi - Woman, life, freedom!

‘Woman! Life! Freedom!’: the social revolution in Iran

As protests in Iran continue and deepen, an Iranian activist argues for greater solidarity from the left in Britain.

‘We are all Mahsa’: riots shake Iran

Protests and riots have spread across Iran after a 22-year-old Kurdish woman, Mahsa Amini, was murdered by the morality police

No war with Iran, no peace with imperialism

Following a naked act of war against Iran by US imperialism, we must tenaciously resist any drive to fresh war and bloodbath

revolutionary reflections | Endgames of US petro-imperialism?

Brian Parkin explains some of the contradictions of the energy markets and the process of US imperial decline in an era of climate catastrophe

None of them care about Syrian lives

Emma Wilde Botta and Shireen Akram-Boshar provide the background you need to understand the conflicts and consequences of Trump’s Syria withdrawal plan.