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Activists holding a large banner that reads ‘sponsored by BP’ form a blockade outside the front gates of the British Museum.

Interview with Energy Embargo for Palestine

rs21 interviews the activist group Energy Embargo for Palestine
A woman holds her arms up in the air at a protest, while smoke rises in the background.

Haiti: “The truth speaks for itself”

As violence escalates in Haiti, we republish this statement by Robert Roth which identifies US and UN intervention as the source of the crisis.

From the Six-Day War to the 100-day bombardment

An excerpt from rs21's new edition of the history of the Zionist occupation.

Report from the Global Climate Jobs conference

Critical discussions on the role workers’ organising must play in the transition to a zero carbon economy.

Protests for Palestine

Protests in solidarity with Palestine swept Britain yesterday. rs21 members report.
Armenians stand in line for bread

Starving Armenians and Very Tasty Cookies

The blockade of 120,000 people trapped in Nagorno-Karabakh has awakened trauma in Armenians around the world.
comrades hold a banner reading Scotland out of Britain, Britain out of Ireland.

Report from the Fourth International’s Revolutionary Youth Camp

"Youth education in politics should not be based on receiving lectures by old men."

Ende Gelände ‘System Change Camp’ report

The recent environmental justice movement camp held in Germany demonstrates the importance of building international networks in the climate movement.