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What’s behind India’s embrace of Israel?

JS Titus on the roots of the deepening economic and military cooperation between India and Israel

Is BRICS+ an Anti-Colonial Formation Worth Cheering From the Left? Far From It.

BRICS+ is not a new Non-Aligned Movement seeking to redistribute global wealth but an alliance of aspiring hegemons.
Narendra Modi, far-right Indian PM, campaigns for the BJP

Leicester: the global spread of the Indian far right

Hindu supremacism is growing in Indian communities in Britain
Photo of indian farmers protest march with text: 'How did the Indian farmers win? A public meeting hosted by Manchester rs21. 2pm Saturday 11 December in person & via zoom. Friends meeting house, 6 Mount st M2 5NS

How did the Indian farmers win?

In person and via zoom. Last week, in New Delhi the year long farmer's movement achieved victory, when prime minister Narendra Modi announced his government's decision to repeal the three controversial farm laws. In the...
Relatives carry a woman who fainted after seeing the body of her husband at a hospital in Ahmedabad, India

Turning a profit from death: Modi’s pandemic response in neoliberal India

The recent upsurge of Covid across India has laid bare the Indian state's utter failure to protect its population.
Indian farmers protesting on 11 December 2020

India: mass movement of farmers fights corporate power-grab

Two million farmers are camped outside New Delhi, facing down the far-right government's bid to grab further land for big agribusiness.
Shaheen Bagh protesters. Keywords: India Modi fascism farmer farmers protest protests

India’s farmers’ protests: the British left must show solidarity

Protests by farmers against neoliberal land-grab reforms are the latest outbreak of dissent against Modi's fascist government.

Hope and tragedy in April 1919

The Limerick Soviet (13 - 27 April 1919) was one manifestation of a wave of revolutionary crises that confronted British imperialism in the aftermath of WWI.

Climate change and the agrarian crisis in India

On the eve of the COP24, farmers and agricultural workers are demanding action on India’s “giant agrarian crisis”.

Review: The Rise of Hindu Authoritarianism by Achin Vanaik

  Bill Crane reviews The Rise of Hindu Authoritarianism, written by Achin Vanaik as a critical response to the political developments in India following the election of the Bharatiya Janata Party to power in 2014, as well...