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The DRC bleeds because of the world’s greed

Report from a Stand with Congo demonstration in Central London on 6 April where at least a hundred protestors gathered to highlight the situation in the eastern Congo
protestors in London with banners and placards, saying stop guns.

Militarism and anti-militarism

In the midst of an arms industry boom, we need to link anti-imperialism to anti-militarism.
Woman and child in devastated cityscape

I Forgot to Die: thinking through the social reproduction of Palestinian life

Tithi Bhattacharya uses the lens of social reproduction theory to show how the disruption and annihilation of Palestine life is inherent to the Zionist project.
A woman holds her arms up in the air at a protest, while smoke rises in the background.

Haiti: “The truth speaks for itself”

As violence escalates in Haiti, we republish this statement by Robert Roth which identifies US and UN intervention as the source of the crisis.

Lenin, National Liberation and Palestine

Gus Woody reviews Imperialism and the National Question recently published by Verso.

From Ukraine to Gaza: imperialism, resistance and solidarity

Two years after Russia's invasion of Ukraine we need international solidarity in building resistance to imperialism and militarism.

Toward decolonisation: the struggle for Palestine today – interview with Tareq Baconi

Spectre Journal interviewed Tareq Baconi, author of Hamas Contained, about 7 October, Israel’s genocide, and the state of the Palestinian resistance and its implication for the region and world.

Do workers in the Global North benefit from the exploitation of workers in the...

Charlie Post argues that imperialism has intensified exploitation across the entire global working class

Yemen: ‘It’s not working: we’re going to keep doing it’

Jamie Allinson points out the contradictions of US and British policy towards Yemen.

Palestine 101: Asking questions of Zionism

Sherry Wolf interrogates three common claims made by supporters of the state of Israel.