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An image showing a snowy street in Govanhill, Glasgow.

Govanhill: ghettoisation and exploitation in modern Glasgow

Slum housing, hyper-exploitation and racist demagoguery are alive and kicking in the Scotland of 2021 – along with the basis for internationalist solidarity and resistance.

Anti-racists reclaim Glasgow

Over the past fortnight Glasgow has become a flash point in the fight against the far right, demonstrating the inherent link between British Unionism and white supremacy.

We are working women and we make Glasgow

The strike that began today (Tuesday 23 October 2018) in Glasgow may be the biggest equal pay strike in UK history. Pete Cannell reports on Day One. Thanks to Christine, Mike and Eric for their contributions...

We’re all off to Glasgow in the Green: in defence of the Green Brigade

Jamie Lewis comments on the two-match ban imposed on Celtic supporters the Green Brigade. I don't think I have seen anything like the Celtic fans in all the stadiums I have played. - Xavi Parkhead, Celtic FC's...

Thousands rally in George Square – report from Glasgow anti-austerity protest

North and south of the border, last Saturday was an important day in the process of building a mass fight back against austerity. Pete Cannell, from Edinburgh, and Joe Sabatini from Carlisle report from...

1915 Glasgow Rent Strike: how workers fought and won over housing

One hundred years ago the workers and housewives of Glasgow forced the government to place on the statute book the first-ever Rent Restrictions Act.

Glasgow Homeless Caseworkers strike: defending services against austerity and a Labour council

Homeless Caseworkers in Glasgow have been on strike for ten weeks for decent pay. Austerity is forcing working-class people in the city out of their homes. But, as Christine Bird reports, Glasgow's Labour council seems more concerned...