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Manchester post-election discussion

Whatever happens, Thursday needs to be the beginning of something, not the end. In the event of a Labour victory, we'll have work to do to hold Labour to their best policies and build power from below; in any other case, we'll have to re-group and discuss what's next. Come along to rs21's post-election discussion to consider with us what the election means for socialist strategy over the next few years.

rs21 members’ national post-election call

rs21 members from round the country will be joining a Skype call to discuss the political situation following the general election.
Anti-Boris demo in Uxbridge

How we fight back

A devastating electoral defeat for Labour brings with it an inevitable battle for interpretation. It also sharply illustrates the need for our side to build power beyond parliament.
Giant banner across bridge reads "reclaim your future. Vote the Tories out"

Get the Tories Out!

After weeks of frenetic campaigning, election day is finally here. Today is a chance to shape the terrain we fight on. Everyone can help with the final push to get out the vote - turnout could be decisive. Whatever the result, relationships, skills and experiences from the campaign will be vital in the coming months.
TUC march

Workers’ and union rights in #GE2019

The Labour and Tory manifestos could hardly be more different when it comes to workers’ individual and collective rights, but there are also important implications for what happens after the election - whatever the result.

Labour’s plans on education are a step in the right direction

Vygotsky, who is a teacher in a school for pupils with special educational needs, reflects on Labour's proposed changes to the education system and on her experiences canvassing.
A London tower block featuring large graffiti proclaiming Fuck Boris

Winning the Revenge Election

After decades of betrayal, we need to make class arguments not only for redistribution but also for retribution.

All out to unseat Bob Blackman!

Harrow East's Tory MP Bob Blackman is a right-wing extremist. He's opposed equal marriage, called for the reintroduction of the anti-gay Section 28, has retweeted anti-Muslim hatred and a post by far right leader Tommy Robinson, as well as backing the bedroom tax, austerity, cuts to taxes on the rich, trebling tuition fees, privatisation of the NHS, and other assaults on the working class. rs21 will be organising a canvassing session, giving us an opportunity to put our ear to the ground in this general election campaign, and put popular grass-roots pressure on a far-right candidate. Be there on time. All welcome!

NHS and climate at the core of Labour manifesto #GE2019

The Labour Party manifesto focuses on healthcare and climate. It's a step in the right direction on both counts, but doesn't go far enough.
Edinburgh AUOB

Scotland and #GE2019

The independence referendum of 2014 and its aftermath have given electoral politics in Scotland a distinct dynamic compared with the rest of the UK.