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Challenging a rigged system

Katherine Hearst organised voter registration drives in the lead up to the 2017 and 2019 General Elections. But here she argues that active voter suppression is just one symptom of a rigged system.

British Steel: workers’ rights disregarded

The return of a Tory MP from Redcar, whose steel plant closed in 2017, is a symptom of a feeling of abandonment in many former industrial communities. Brian Parkin looks at the prospect for resistance in what remains of the British steel industry
Redcar blast furnace

The Brexit election – from revenge to resistance

Both sides of the establishment want to bury the legacies of struggle in the communities that abandoned Labour in the 2019 General Election. The left cannot afford to do the same.

Myths of ’83 and ’97, lessons of ’92

Ian Allinson looks at the elections of 1987, 1992 and 1997

What next for the left?

After the General Election there are going to be huge questions to be answered around what the future will hold and what the socialist left now needs to do to keep itself active and making gains for the working class. Join Bristol rs21 for a review of the political landscape and discussion of what groups, issues and actions the left needs to take up in the new year.

East London post-election debrief

Whatever the result on Thursday we need to discuss our strategy for building in the new climate -what have we learned from our activity in the election period? What openings exist for us to generalise struggle? What potential is there to build on the UCU strikes and how can we support the CWU?

What next for the left? Post-election discussion

Discussion on the election result and what it means for political organising in campaigns, unions and communities in 2020.

Leicester post-election catch-up

Leicester rs21 members will be meeting up for a chat after the election.