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Oily Money Out – a leap forward for British environmentalism

The international climate movement bamboozled London's fossil fuel conference. rs21 members report.

Will a green transition benefit Africa?

What if climate adaptation continues to mirror logics of fossil capital?

Sunak fiddles while Rhodes burns

Pete Cannell and Brian Parkin take a critical look at Sunak’s recent oil and gas announcement. This piece was originally published on the SCOT.E3 blog. On Monday Rishi Sunak flew to Aberdeenshire by private jet...

A fuel’s paradise: capitalism, energy crises and the markets  

Fossil fuel companies and national governments are driving the climate catastrophe that threatens us all.
Endgames event cover, text reads 'Climate action for the cost of living, sept 29th 7pm GMT, register on zoom', rs21 logo in corner.

Endgames: Climate Action for the Cost of Living

Bills are going up due to our dependence on fossil capital. Yet rather than push for an energy transformation, politicians are pushing fracking and expanded oil production, locking us into ever more dependence on...
Image shows two people in front of Parliament holding signs that read "Code Red for Humanity: Ten More Years - Will Crops Grow?' and 'Trees Need Rights Too! Make ecocide a crime!'

Can ‘green laws’ stop climate change?

As environmental campaigners turn to the law to stop climate change, barrister David Renton argues legal challenges and ‘green laws’ alone cannot guarantee the massive change we need.
Gas flame under pan

Let them burn oil – Sunak and energy bills

Rishi Sunak’s latest U-turn in response to the cost of living crisis shows the Tories scrambling for a response.
A photo of the occupation of the British Museum by BP or not BP

Activists occupy the British Museum

This weekend, climate and anti-colonial activists occupied the British Museum in opposition to its oil sponsorships.

The Cost of Living Crisis

Map of protests, information about the cost of living crisis, and political commentary.
Photo shows burning hobs on a gas stove, as gas prices are set to rise dramatically in 2022.

The cost-of-living crisis

With high inflation and a sharp rise in energy prices on the way, Ian Allinson argues that the cost-of-living crisis will shape British politics over the coming months.