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Autonomy! Autonomy! Autonomy! – Students occupy in the Republic of Macedonia

Over a thousand students have occupied university faculties in the Republic of Macedonia in protest against planned education reforms, reports Nick Evans Students took over SS Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje yesterday (11 February),...

Nine years since Hurricane Katrina: has anything changed?

Nine years on from the devastating Hurricane Katrina, Lois JC, who visited New Orleans last year to see how the city had changed, writes on the lasting impact of the disaster.

Tories push ahead with massive expansion of fracking – but will they face a...

report by Ewan Nicolson The government pushed out an announcement last week that over half of Britain – up to 37,000 square miles of land from Scotland to the South East of England – will...

Oxfordshire activists set up Climate and Flooding Alliance

Nick Evans reports on the Oxfordshire Climate and Flooding Alliance.

The floods: what can activists do?

Jonathan Neale argues that we need to be raising questions of climate change, be part of campaigns to make sure people are compensated, and organise to prevent cuts.