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What it means to say Trump will govern like a fascist

Many Democrats argue that Trump is a fascist and demand that the Left subordinate everything to the call to resist him, but we have to organise against the rise of authoritarianism.

The Tory meltdown continues

Rachel Iboraii celebrates the Tories’ latest by-election losses and looks at what this tells us about the prospects for the upcomin general election.

Who should be UCU’s next general secretary?

rs21 members in UCU discuss the candidates and offer their voting recommendations.

Into the abyss: On the Argentinian elections.

As Argentina lurches to the right, Adam Fabry analyses the rise of Javier Milei
Plantem Cara

Spanish elections: what next after fear trumps hate?

Luke Stobart analyses the Spanish election results.

Voter suppression and protest repression: the Tories’ attack on democracy

The government is swiftly and systematically destroying the rights on which ordinary people rely: to vote, to protest, to strike.

Sunak suffers, Starmer stalls – the council elections in England

Rachel Iboraii celebrates the Tories’ losses in last week’s council elections in England, and questions why Labour isn’t profiting more from the government’s woes.
hundreds of people wave flags for political parties. banners for parties are in the foreground.

What next after elections in Nigeria?

The new leadership does not herald change. Alex Batubo argues that a stronger workers' movement is needed.
a picture of the White House, with a United States flag flying on top, and red and blue flowers and a fountain below.

Polarization and Paralysis: the U.S. after the midterm elections

Ashley Smith and Charlie Post draw a balance sheet of the midterm elections, and their lessons for the socialist Left in the United States. 
RNT, Unite, UNISON, anti-raids, climate and LGBTQ protesters unite on the picket line at Edinburgh Waverley station

Build the strikes, break the Tories

Kick out the Tories, build strikes and protests so from Day One under Labour we stop Starmer imposing austerity.