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Do workers in the Global North benefit from the exploitation of workers in the...

Charlie Post argues that imperialism has intensified exploitation across the entire global working class
Striking workers holding placards

Labor’s Upsurge and the Search for Workers’ Power

Five hundred thousand workers were on strike in the USA at some point in 2023. Kim Moody explores how the strikes have helped to build power and what to expect in the year to come.

Autumn statement 2023: let it burn

Last week’s autumn statement was widely seen as the opening of the Tories’ general election campaign. but do the Tories have a coherent economic strategy that can rescue them?

China – end of the boom?

rs21 member Charlie Hore explores how a changing demographic, environmental issues and inherent instability pose serious threats to the growth of the Chinese economy.

In praise of ‘Essays on Marx’s Theory of Value’

In praise of a groundbreaking work of Marxist economics in its centenary year.

Review | Mute Compulsion: A Marxist Theory of the Economic Power of Capital

‘The mute compulsion of economic relations sets the seal on the domination of the capitalist over the worker.’

Hunt’s budget – comfort for the rich, crumbs for us

Jeremy Hunt claimed he was delivering a budget for growth, but as Jonny Jones explains, for most of us it means worsening living standards. 
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Crunch time

Ben Hillier explains how the financial sector's response to inflation protects creditors and hurts the working class.
Line graph trends downwards on back ground of pound coins

Will Trussonomics work?

What's the ideology behind 'Trussonomics'? Can it work?
Kwarteng with Bank of England Governor Andrew Bailey

Tory budget gambles on class war – we can beat them

A major attack - but Tories are divided and markets in crisis while strikes and protests grow.