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rs21 climate logo: image shows three overlapping circles arranged left to right: red earth, green earth, rs21 white circle with red triangle piercing it.

Climate and class politics

Although most people agree that climate change is an existential threat, how can we force the politicians at COP26 to carry out their promises? Join members of Sussex rs21 to discuss strategy going forward from...
Cover image: We only want the earth: Anti-capitalism against the climate crisis

We only want the earth: a new pamphlet from rs21

rs21 has published a new pamphlet by Gus Woody 'We only want the earth: Anti-capitalism against the climate crisis'
A jet sits on a dry runway with the sun overhead.

Jet Zero: a one way ticket to climate hell

The package of plans to make the aviation industry 'green' is a charade driven by considerations of profit, economic growth and aviation's corporate consumers.

Reaching for the emergency brake at Endgames? Capitalism and the climate emergency

On 26 October, rs21 hosted a day of discussions in London about capitalism and the climate emergency. In this roundtable discussion, participants examined currently existing left programmes for decarbonisation.
A white airplane on a sunny runway, surrounded by grass.

Socialism with a bit of greenwash can’t save the planet either

In his polemic, Mike Haynes argues that if socialists of the Global North are to address the climate crisis, they must also adjust their expectations of what a world with prosperity for all will look like.

Review: Green Growth

Stephen Graham reviews Green growth: Ideology, Political Economy and the Alternatives