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book cover and artwork

Interview | Toussaint Louverture: The Story of the Only Successful Slave Revolt in History

Matthew Cookson interviews the authors of a new graphic novel on the Haitian Revolution.

Leftist direct action thrillers: a new genre?

I'm a Virgo, How to Blow Up a Pipeline, Black 47 and Codename Jenny

Reflections on International Workers’ Memorial Day

To mark IWMD, the rs21 Art Group made a zine with Cut-Through Collective, which we distributed in Glasgow and London across the May Day weekend.
image of old televisions spreading through two rooms

People Make Television: cultural production, socialism and the state

Tom Schofield on the People Make Television exhibition at Raven Row, London.
collage of images detailed in piece: Granny Made Me an Anarchist, Squid Game, Ballad of a White Cow and Francis Bacon.

2022 cultural highlights

rs21 members round up some of the cultural highlights from 2022.

Review | The world turned upside down

In Leo Zeilig's recent novel, the global elite are targeted for murder amid a growing social upheaval that sweeps the central character around the world. Andrew Stone reviews this focused and 'righteously angry' book.
A shadowy figure in a suit holds a gun while sitting on a chair

The ruling class is the original OCG

What keeps us watching Line of Duty?
Rubens: View of Het Steen in the early morning. Keywords: art Marxism Marx what is art

Cultural Marxism? A review of The Dialectics of Art

Ian Birchall reviews The Dialectics of Art, a new work by John Molyneux.
Image shows the text 'We will not be victims: no going back' on a background of a Jackson Pollock painting

Agitating with Art: the Artivists at Work story so far

Artwork – not just 'great art' but cartoons and doodles – can add life and vibrancy to political messaging, and give people a mirror in which to recognise their own hopes and frustrations.
Michaela Cole promo shot for I May Destroy You

Cultural commodities that got us through 2020

From Netflix binges to a new theory of 'alternative hedonism', here are the shows, films, music, and books that kept us going in 2020.