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rs21 – the first ten years

For the tenth anniversary of the launch of rs21, Jonny Jones reflects on a decade of activity, our ups and downs, challenges and achievements, and considers our hopes for the future.

School strikes: results and prospects

The tragedy of ending the dispute now is squandering the momentum and resolve we have built.

Base rate rises, housing crises?

'We need to fight back together and find solidarity across lines that have previously been staged as battle lines.'

Why is the NEU recommending a bad deal?

rs21 teachers explain what has happened in the NEU and what we can do about it.

Raiding our pensions?

A new threat to our pensions – Kate Deer explains why we should be up in arms about Jeremy Hunt’s Mansion House speech.

A fuel’s paradise: capitalism, energy crises and the markets  

Fossil fuel companies and national governments are driving the climate catastrophe that threatens us all.
Trade union march and rally in London

Make 1 February a day of rebellion

If you're in dispute, can you strike? If not, can you protest? Start planning now.

Trade unions in communities – how change can happen

A new project in Edinburgh is bringing community activists and rank-and-file trade unionists together.
Image shows a group of protesters holding signs including 'Life is where you live', 'Hold ladnlords accountable' and 'Freeze rents not renters'.

Tenants’ unions fight back against rocketing rents

rs21 members report on December's tenants' union protests against some of the largest estate agents in England.
Medics in scrubs with placard reading "Jeremy Hunt: taking the NHS for a ride"

Growing strike wave can beat Hunt’s attack on workers

Thousands of workers are set to strike before Christmas.