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Cartoon shows Boris Johnson as emperor Nero playing the lyre while the world burns

From Nero to Net Zero

Boris Johnson's classical references are a window onto how he will deal with climate breakdown, writes Gareth Dale.
rs21 climate logo: image shows three overlapping circles arranged left to right: red earth, green earth, rs21 white circle with red triangle piercing it.

Climate and class politics

Although most people agree that climate change is an existential threat, how can we force the politicians at COP26 to carry out their promises? Join members of Sussex rs21 to discuss strategy going forward from...
Banner reads: Workers of the world, unite! #System Change Not Climate Change

Climate protesters hit the streets across Britain

Reports from climate protests around Britain as part of the global day of action around COP26

The power to change the system

With COP26 just around the corner, a wave of industrial action in Scotland is demonstrating the huge opportunity of linking workers' struggle with climate organising.