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A man walks past the occupation wall in Palestine, two birds are in a cage in the foreground.

Debate – a response on settler colonialism

If we are to overthrow capitalism, we need to engage with what stabilises it. 

Remembering the Portuguese Revolution

Marxist historian Raquel Varela remembers the Portuguese revolution of April 25 1974 and its aftermath

Empire of Normality

Hazel Croft talks to author Robert Chapman about their new book and discusses neurodiversity and how we can challenge the capitalist logics of ‘normality'.

Palestine 101: Asking questions of Zionism

Sherry Wolf interrogates three common claims made by supporters of the state of Israel.

Palestine 101: Israel is the watchdog of US imperialism

brian bean analyses US support for Israel and the geopolitical implications of the war on Gaza

Debate – the limitations of settler colonial theory

Australian socialist Jordan Humphreys, author of recent book 'Indigenous Liberation & Socialism' replies to two recent articles by Sai Englert on settler colonial theory.

Palestine 101: A century of Palestinian resistance

Shireen Akram-Boshar discusses the history of Palestinian resistance to colonialism.
Ceasefire Now rally, London Trafalgar Sq, 4.11.23

Why I support Palestine: an interview with Merilyn Moos

My family in Germany were killed by Nazis because they were Jews. What Israel has constructed in Gaza is a concentration camp.

Settler colonialism, Zionism and Palestinian liberation

Sai Englert on the relationship between the Zionist labour movement and the road to Palestinian liberation.

Settler colonialism and the birth of global capitalism

Sai Englert discusses the history of settler colonialism and its central role in the development of global capitalism