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photo of a mine

Extraction of raw materials could rise 60% by 2060 – and making mining ‘greener’...

Gareth Dale debunks the notion that mass extraction of minerals is necessary for an ecologically sustainable society.

rs21 – the first ten years

For the tenth anniversary of the launch of rs21, Jonny Jones reflects on a decade of activity, our ups and downs, challenges and achievements, and considers our hopes for the future.

Oily Money Out – a leap forward for British environmentalism

The international climate movement bamboozled London's fossil fuel conference. rs21 members report.

Will a green transition benefit Africa?

What if climate adaptation continues to mirror logics of fossil capital?

Report from the Global Climate Jobs conference

Critical discussions on the role workers’ organising must play in the transition to a zero carbon economy.

What’s going on in Unite? | Part 2

Unite activist Raymond Morell assesses Sharon Graham's leadership of the union. Part 2.

China – end of the boom?

rs21 member Charlie Hore explores how a changing demographic, environmental issues and inherent instability pose serious threats to the growth of the Chinese economy.

Sunak wants to kill our planet

Gus Woody argues that the Tories' latest environmental U-turns are part of a cynical power grab that all socialists should resist. Yesterday, Rishi Sunak announced that he was watering down many of the already meagre...

Ende Gelände ‘System Change Camp’ report

The recent environmental justice movement camp held in Germany demonstrates the importance of building international networks in the climate movement.