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Do workers in the Global North benefit from the exploitation of workers in the...

Charlie Post argues that imperialism has intensified exploitation across the entire global working class

The Neil Davidson Lecture 2023: Uneven and combined development in Neil Davidson’s work

Raquel Valera on Neil Davidson's contribution to the theory of uneven and combined development and revolution.
A diagram of classes under capitalism and the front cover of the book 'Nation of Shopkeepers'

Where did all the gravediggers go?

'A Nation of Shopkeepers' asks important questions about class in Britain today, but lacks clarity in its answers.

Fighting transphobia: a practical and theoretical guide

A new print publication to resource the movement for trans liberation.

Rosa Luxemburg on May Day and working class struggles

On International Workers' Day, or May Day, rs21 presents two classic texts by the revolutionary socialist Rosa Luxemburg on the history and significance of the day. What Are the Origins of May Day? (1894) The happy...
A photo of feminists in Chile marking International Women's Day.

IWD 2021: Five feminist fights for the year ahead

Reproductive justice, sexual violence and harassment, justice at work: on International Women's Day, we look at key feminist fights for the year to come.
Image shows a row of workers in Ritzy Strikes Back shirts holding bright yellow and red flags and banners on the picket line.

Tactics of resistance: what’s the point of pickets?

In part two of a series looking at differing tactics for winning battles in the workplace, Derek Fraser looks at picketing, and how it can be used successfully in the current context.
A photo of a train moving fast beside a mainly empty London Underground platform. Keywords: Section 44 workplace safety unions

Combatting unsafe workplaces: an interview with Janet Newsham

Every workplace is a Covid frontline, as employers try to force workers into unsafe situations. We interviewed Janet Newsham of the Hazards Campaign, which is fighting back.
Books in a school library. Keywords: school closures closed NEU National Education Union strike

Next steps in the fight for safe schools

The government's retreat on school closures won't last forever. Education workers need to go on the offensive.