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Palestine solidarity protesters face down police repression in London

rs21 members refute claims of "clashes" between police and protesters on Saturday's Free Palestine Coalition march.
Man carries placard with slogan Police everywhere Justice nowhere

24 reasons to abolish the Met Police

Violent, racist, repressive: why we need to scrap the Met
Trade union march and rally in London

Make 1 February a day of rebellion

If you're in dispute, can you strike? If not, can you protest? Start planning now.
Suella Braverman, Home Secretary, poses in front of two union flags in front of panelled wood walls.

Cruella Braverman and the 101 (more) Draconian Measures

Our answer to restricting protest must be to go on protesting.
Image shows a banner draped across a street sign. It reads 'Elbit is fuckin guilty', and its background is emblazoned with blood-red hand prints.

Elbit is guilty! Solidarity to Palestine Action

Palestine Action have called for supporters to attend the upcoming trials. This sends a strong message to the courts, and we have seen in the past that when activists have more supporters show up to court, they are much more likely to be found not guilty.

Kill The Bill: the day of action

rs21 members took part in a social media campaign as part of the #KillTheBill day of action against the new Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill on Saturday 21 August 2021,
Protesters with Kill The Bill placards

Amending the Police Bill won’t be enough

Kate Bradley summarises the scrutiny report by the Joint Committee on Human Rights on the Police Crime Sentencing and Courts Bill, considering how this might impact this new repressive legislation.
Banner reads 'kill the bill'

The Police Bill, lockdown and the right to protest

Barrister David Renton explores why the government is so determined to suppress protest, the Police Bill, and the impact of the Covid Regulations on protest rights.
Image shows an internal chamber of the Seimas, the seat of Lithuania's parliament in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Civil partnerships and reproductive rights in Eastern Europe: an interview with Laima Vaige

rs21’s Leslie Cunningham interviews Dr. Laima Vaige, a feminist and LGBTQ activist from Lithuania, on same-sex partnerships in Lithuania, abortion rights in Poland, and LGBTQ people's experiences across Europe during the Covid crisis.
Bristol police officers moving to suppress an occupation in 2011.

A criminal record: 10 times Bristol police abused local people

Bristol's police force – presented by the media as the victims of a 'mob' – are among the most violent, racist and abusive parts of Britain's police state.