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The Neil Davidson Lecture 2023: Uneven and combined development in Neil Davidson’s work

Raquel Valera on Neil Davidson's contribution to the theory of uneven and combined development and revolution.

Palestine 101: Israel is the watchdog of US imperialism

brian bean analyses US support for Israel and the geopolitical implications of the war on Gaza

China – end of the boom?

rs21 member Charlie Hore explores how a changing demographic, environmental issues and inherent instability pose serious threats to the growth of the Chinese economy.

Is BRICS+ an Anti-Colonial Formation Worth Cheering From the Left? Far From It.

BRICS+ is not a new Non-Aligned Movement seeking to redistribute global wealth but an alliance of aspiring hegemons.
American and Chinese flags and USA dollars

Review | The New Cold War

The new imperialist world order is characterised by increasing military tensions between the world’s major powers, but also by economic competition.

South Korea and inter-imperialist rivalries

Interview with a South Korean revolutionary socialist about the international situation in east Asia and the growing tensions between China and the USA.

Review | The Communist Road to Capitalism and The Left in China

Charlie Hore reviews two important books on struggle from below in China.
Norfolk NEU UCU PCS RMT ASLEF strike protest march in Norwich. Signs call for more funding for teachers, held by women, smiling, at a march.

#IWD2023: women fight across the globe

On International Women's Day, rs21 members share 13 inspiring examples of women fighting for liberation and against capitalism and state repression.
Image of the book cover, China after Mao, along with a poster featuring Mao's head

Understanding China after Mao

Charlie Hore reviews China after Mao, finding a work with large omissions which fails to explain why China has changed so much since the 1970s.

Back on the streets in China

After a weekend of widespread protests across China, rs21 member Charlie Hore explains the movement’s significance and looks at what might come next.