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French and British police block Calais Convoy

John Walker reports on the Convoy to Calais on Saturday, which say French and British police block activists from travelling to France to deliver aid On Saturday, several hundred of us confronted the police at...

Rumble in the “Jungle”

Mitch Mitchell reports on the French state's destruction in the Calais refugee camp on February 29.

‘No more Jungle, no more borders’ – a report from Calais refugee protest

On Saturday 23 January, residents of the Calais refugee camp protested the destruction of the their shelters and the French government's attempts to forcibly move them into new accommodation, described by many as a...

St Pancras die-in protests clearing of Calais refugee camp

Kate Bradley reports On Saturday, around 200 people gathered at St Pancras International train station in London to protest against the clearance of the 'Jungle' refugee camp in Calais. The demonstration was called by London2Calais,...

Resist the forcible eviction of Calais refugees

While conditions in 'the Jungle' refugee camp in Calais have long been harsh, many residents are resisting the French government's attempts to move them to new accommodation.

Calais and the refugee crisis: building solidarity and thinking through the politics

Mitch Mitchell from London2Calais looks back at six months of activism to deliver aid to refugees trapped in northern France.

Police intimidate, harass and attack refugees with rubber bullets at Calais camp

Mitch Mitchell was an eyewitness to police intimidation at 'The Jungle' in Calais last week where rubber bullets were used to attack refugees. 

Magnificent response in Bristol to Calais Refugee Solidarity Campaign

Linda Nunn reports on the magnificent response to the Calais Refugee Solidarity Campaign in Bristol The Calais Refugee Solidarity Campaign in Bristol was set up just 6 weeks ago by 7 people. We now have 5500...

Two stories from Calais

On Saturday 19 September, members of the London2Calais took part in a demonstration of solidarity with the refugees at the camp in Calais, known as "The Jungle". Here are two stories they brought back with them.

Official harassment won’t stop us, say Calais campaigners

Members of the Convoy to Calais were held for several hours yesterday after returning from France. But campaigner Mona D says convoy participants won't be intimidated and will keep supporting refugees in desperate need in Calais. Mona's statement...